Daumar is a vertically integrated manufacturer of machinery and also of all the consumables the machinery utilise to make packaging for the fresh produce industry. We produce weighing machines, bagging machines, auxiliary equipment, knitted netting, extruded netting, printed labels and other accessories.

Daumar Machinery

Daumar’s machinery manufacturing plant, located in the city of Villasar De Dalt, Barcelona. At this factory we design, manufacture and assemble all Daumar weighing and bagging machinery and auxiliary equipment.


Daumar’s blown film extrusion and knitted netting plant is called Extrufilm and is located in the city of Polinya, Barcelona. At this plant we blow the film used to make labels and we also blow the film used for making knitted netting. In addition to blowing film, we also manufacture knitted netting.

Daumar’s printed film and label plant is called Graficas de Llinars S.L.U. and is in Llinars del Valles, Barcelona. At this plant we print film. We have 4 wide web flexographic printers and associated laminators and slitters.

Customer Service is of utmost importance to us. We are constantly researching and investing in better information systems that offer quicker delivery times and overall more efficient communication with the customer.