Lately we are seeing how more voices are added against plastic. Although it is true that if plastic is used irresponsibly, it can be harmful to the environment, there are many aspects of this material that many people are unaware of and that it is important to know so as not to demonize a material that has been accompanying us in our day to day and that has brought us many benefits over many years.

For this reason, DAUMAR wants to list a series of attributes that offer plastic a serious second look.

-Plastic is a highly regulated non-toxic material. It is subject to extremely demanding regulations that guarantee the safety of our health.

-It is the best material for the manufacture of food product packaging. Plastic responds to the needs of hygiene, safety and adequate food preservation, reducing food waste to just 3% at European level.

Source: Anaip

-Very little energy is used for its production and its use. It allows the saving of critical natural resources such as water.

-Plastic does not deplete oil reserves as is erroneously believed. In Europe, only 6% of oil goes to the production of plastic. If this percentage were not used for the manufacture of plastic, it would be lost by burning producing CO2 and other materials.

-It is a material that has contributed to progress and to save lives. Modern medicine, technology, or safety and security would not have been possible without the use of plastic. Thanks to its long durability this material is used for the consumption of durable products. DAUMAR works to make the most of its properties, and in a sanitary situation like the current one, the plastic in our bags ensures the recyclability of the material, as well as the breathability of the packaged product, maintaining the products qualities for much longer.

-Plastic is a recyclable material that allows us to use it throughout its useful life in different consumer products. DAUMAR works with plastic due to its lightness and resistance. In order to achieve the same mechanical properties with another material (paper, cotton, etc.) the weight per container would have to be multiplied, having the same or even greater problem in the face of waste obtained.

Source: Anaip

Ending waste in the environment is the joint work of industry, administrations, and citizens. It is estimated that 80% of the garbage that we find on the sea floor comes from the mainland, for this reason it is important that the three levels that we have listed work together to prevent plastic waste from being abandoned in the environment and to ensure that it is deposited in the right places for recycling and future reuse, contributing to the circular economy. If we apply these premises, we will be able to reduce the misuse of plastic globally.

For all these reasons we believe it is important to give plastic the value it deserves. If we all contribute and make responsible use of said material, it is not as harmful a product as we are being led to believe.