Currently the media talks about the great problem that the accumulation of waste represents for the environment worldwide. It is estimated that 80% of the waste that reaches the seabed comes from plastic. According to different studies, between 5 and 13 tons of plastic accumulate per year that end up in the ocean. This is a problem with an enormous environmental, economic and health cost and that requires taking preventive measures. On the other hand, we know perfectly well that the use of plastic has many benefits. It is the best material for food packaging, maximizing the hygiene, conservation, and safety of fresh produce. Plastic minimizes storage space and helps reduce food waste to as little as 3%. Plastic also brings a number of benefits to our society. Faced with this dilemma, an alternative is needed that improves pollution and the environment without neglecting a material that has brought us so many benefits. The circular economy is this alternative and the objective that the European Union has set itself to solve this serious problem. Until a few years ago, the linear economy was the system that our society used and that is based on “using and throwing away” what we consume.

Currently the circular economy is defined as the system that prioritizes the reuse of available resources by reducing the consumption of raw materials. The circular economy is based on what is called the 7Rs (seven Rs) and they consist of 7 key concepts such as: redesign, reduce, reuse, repair, renew, recover and recycle. We currently have 3 end-of-life applications: recycling, incineration – which increases CO2 emissions (pollution) – and landfills that produce leaks that end up in the sea or underground. DAUMAR wants to focus our efforts on facilitating RECYCLING, since it is much better than its other alternatives. How? All our packaging proposals are made up of 100% PE (polyethylene) tubular mesh and printed film that can be made of PE + PE, PP + PE or PET + PE. DAUMAR’s objective is to promote monomaterial packaging, thus making it easier to recycle the packaging and its process in the circular economy. DAUMAR promotes the use of our TT-73 (thermotransfer labeling machine), printing the information directly on the printed film, and thus avoiding adhesive labels made of other materials. Under these seven key concepts, the EU has set a goal that all plastic packaging on the market should be reusable or should be able to be recycled profitably by 2030. To achieve this goal, the European Union is going to use a series of policies aimed at redesigning packaging that allow higher recycling rates, investment so that waste collection is more effective with the use of equipment and technologies for sorting and more efficient recycling. At the same time, innovative solutions will be developed to prevent microplastics from reaching the sea and to achieve a fourfold demand for recycled plastics in Europe. This strategy will emphasize the prevention of the generation of plastic waste and the increase of its recycling. It will stimulate new smart and circular business, production and consumption models that cover the entire value chain, helping not to discriminate against plastic and giving it back the potential it offers us if we make good use of it.

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