It is becoming increasingly important for us to consume products that are as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. Pollution and the environment are one of the main concerns of the general population.  For this reason, DAUMAR works tirelessly to guarantee this sustainability to the maximum.

Plastic is one of the elements that most concerns consumers. As a company in charge of its production, we work to achieve maximum dissemination and transparency when offering data on recyclability and waste management.

One of the tools that offers information on recyclability and waste management is RecyClass. RecyClass offers a free online tool that evaluates and classifies the recyclability of plastic packaging.

This tool analyzes and examines the plastic container and its components through a series of questions. According to the answers to these questions, the plastic container is classified according to the categorization A, B, C, D, E and F, which varies according to its recyclability attributes. This classification is structured as follows.

CLASS A: The package does not present any recyclability problems and can potentially feed a closed loop scheme to be used in the same application.
CLASS B: The package has some minor recyclability issues but could power a closed loop scheme.
CLASS C: The package has some recyclability problems that affect the quality of its final recycling.
CLASS D: The package has some major design issues that greatly affect its recyclability.
CLASS E: The package has significant design problems that jeopardize its recyclability.
CLASS F: The package is not recyclable, either due to fundamental design problems or the lack of a specific waste stream widely present in the EU.

The result obtained thanks to RecyClass allows generating a certification that can be attached to the container. In this way, consumers will know the quality of the packaging, as well as the possibilities of reuse and recycling of the packaging found on the market.

This certification is carried out by accredited and independent certification bodies such as Aimplas that audit the results of the analysis of the RecyClass tool and that allow a label to be awarded to the promotional product to market it.

As we always say, the use of plastic is not harmful to the environment, but the mismanagement of its waste is. Thanks to RecyClass, users can better understand the products they buy, making sure that they are as ecological and sustainable as possible and that if their waste is managed properly, the environment will not be harmed.


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