Committed to sustainable development

The Daumar Group is committed (for more than 60 years) to the environment and sustainable development.

DAUMARs human team is sensitive to these new requirements, and we work in the same direction continuously in the search for new proposals that are less intrusive to the environment.

In essence, the companies’ basic principles to this respect cover the following:
  • Environmental planning
  • Minimising the use of energy and resources
  • Minimising atmospheric emissions
  • Maximising sub-product reuse
  • Selective waste disposal
  • Compliance with current environmental laws

Our Certificates


An example of sustainability
The AS-156 makes the exclusive E-Pack bag. The E-Pack reduces the amount of plastic used to package fresh produce. It is a heat-sealed bag made of highly resistant light knitted netting and printed film. E-Pack is a heat-welded bag made of 100% recyclable materials.
E-Pack is the ideal fresh-produce bag; it is light, simple, elegant, ergonomic, ecological and promotes environmental sustainability efforts. DAUMAR has succeeded in utilizing only PE in the new E-Pack, offering greater results in:

  • Reduction of material costs
  • Reduction in production costs
  • Environmental impact
  • Lightness

The E-Pack is the result of DAUMAR’s investment in research and development in fresh produce packaging. The E-Pack is an attractive package having an ergonomic handle “easy to grab and carry” which is also a large area for promotional information.

E-Pack stands out as having a large promotional band using a minimum of materials, giving it greater point-of-sale value.